The home of London's BIG American Style Muffins, Original Filled Cupcakes and Fully Loaded Brownies.

Welcome to the home of London's BIG American Style Muffins! We bake gorgeously BIG Muffins right here in London; we're also home to London's Original Filled Cupcakes (you saw it here first folks), and deliciously chocolatey Brownies. Everything is baked fresh-to-order and delivered all over London, directly to your door!

Cupcakes for Captain Birdseye

Our client asked us to make branded cupcakes for their client and send them to their headquarters as a gift, ahead of their meeting.

Such a nice touch, and we're always happy to be part of the surprise, be in on the gag, make the dream a reality...

The only thing that disappointed us on this occasion is that Captain Birdseye himself wasn't manning reception, waiting to take receipt of the Cookies and Cream cupcakes.

Mini Cupcakes for #e4pMCM

On September 17th and 18th, at the Victoria Park Plaza hotel, the pharma marketing industry gathered to attend the eyeforpharma Multichannel Marketing Summit 2014. 

For this event we were asked by strategic marketing consultancy Blue Latitude to bake 200 mini cupcakes with their branding on top. They had loads of great swag to give away, including our delicious and popular cupcakes.

Well, we didn't disappoint and on Thursday night at 10pm we dropped off their order (oh yes, even at that time of night) so they could be ready on their stand at 7:30am to wow the delegates of #e4pMCM.

All the goodies being given away at the event, including our mini cupcakes.

All the goodies being given away at the event, including our mini cupcakes.

Chocolate mini cupcake with fondant BL branding on top.

Chocolate mini cupcake with fondant BL branding on top.

Are you ready for your close-up?

Sometimes our clients ask for something a little bit different, and we're always happy to oblige.

We baked branded cupcakes as a gift for Greystar (from our client) for their urban student accommodation company Prodigy living, with each cupcake bearing the name of a property. 

Before delivering them to their offices near Liverpool Street, we first popped to a studio in Clapton so the talented Damian Miranda could work his magic styling a shoot for the cupcakes, the images have since been used on social media channels and in other materials.

Prodigy Living on Twitter, with our cupcakes as their cover photo.

Prodigy Living on Twitter, with our cupcakes as their cover photo.

The team at Prodigy Living were over-the-moon when we dropped off the cupcakes, just in time for an afternoon cuppa. Check out the images in the gallery below:

Wraggamuffins takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Watch the video of how Wraggamuffins rocked the #IceBucketChallenge. After Selina dried off, we donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which is the equivalent ALS Association here in the UK. So far (at the time of writing this blog) over £25 million has been raised, which is a phenomenal amount of money; however it's the awareness of the disease which is proving to be the most valuable outcome of the challenge.  

You can donate to the MND Association by clicking here.

And if you're wondering why on earth people are doing this, then take a few minutes to hear Anthony's story.

At the moment very little is known about ALS. There is no cure and the cause is not yet known. The life expectancy for people who have the disorder is two to five years from the time they are diagnosed.

Dutch Magazine Hap&Tap Recommends Wraggamuffins

It seems word is spreading about Wraggamuffins, which is great news for us! Hap&Tap have included Wraggamuffins in their feature 'The Best Cupcakes in London'.

Although the Netherlands is a bit further afield than our usual delivery zone, we welcome all our Dutch friends visiting London to try our delicious cupcakes whilst here (you won't be sorry!)

For those who can speak Dutch:

"Insane" "best ever" "gorgeous"

De superlatieven vliegen je om je oren als je reviews leest over Wraggamuffins. Er is geen shop. Dat is jammer. Maar je kunt ze wel bestellen als je in Londen bent. Laat ze gewoon afleveren bij je hotel en het grote genieten kan beginnen. 

The translation, for those who can't:

"Insane" "best ever" "gorgeous"

The superlatives are flying around your ears when you read the reviews on Wraggamuffins. There is no shop, which is a shame, however you can still order if you are in London. Let them deliver to your hotel and the enjoyment can begin. 

Launch cupcakes for eva, the new video sharing app

What is eva? eva is a video sharing app which aims to empower people to create beautiful video, simply and share with their friends. 

The cool thing about what we do is finding out about, and becoming involved in, the newest and coolest things being developed.

Based in Wimbledon, the team behind the video sharing platform eva asked us to bake branded cupcakes for their internal launch party. We chose a variety of Cookies and Cream cupcakes, Custard and Jam cupcakes, and Lemon Coconut cupcakes. Each one had a printed eva logo on top.  

After the party we received this feedback from the eva.co team:

You simply wouldn't believe how well your cakes went down. 

Watch the video of everyone eating our cupcakes at the eva brand launch party:

We're particularly excited about this because as a business we can see the benefits eva has over other video sharing apps. In August they're asking people to register to become an alpha tester (visit eva.co if you're interested too). The first version should be available in the app store by the end of 2014.

Follow eva on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up-to-date on the latest news. 

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